Friday, October 26, 2012

Working hard...

I have been working hard to get at least six Waldorf dolls ready for the upcoming Christmas season. I love every single thing about making them.  Their personalities truly come out once I embroider eyes and select hair.  I love the way they smell and I tend to hug them because they are so cuddly.

I have made Marie, a sweet Waldorf doll with warm brown hair with raspberry and blue highlights, and brown eyes.  Then there is Chelly a sweet blush gal with blonde and pinkish hair with blue eyes.  Iris is a lovely blush Waldorf doll with rainbow hair and purple eyes.  Azure has the prettiest blue and pink hair.  Evelia has warm brown skin with stunning chcoclare and auburn locks with dark brown eyes.

I have one more doll to make, she will have tan skin and her hair I've not yet decided but I think her eyes will be green.

I also have some super pretty fabrics for making some dresses for the girls.  I can't wait!  I also need to make them some boots and Mary janes.  I'm super jazzed about this release.  The pattern for these girls is one I made myself.  I was using the Peachy Keen pattern which is great and I recommend if you plan to make one yourself but in the end I decided to create one for my personal preferences.  I tend to make big heads too.  I felt like their bodies needed to be wider.  All the girls have belly buttons which makes you squee!

Which brings me to why Squeeties you might ask....well....because when I see the Waldorf dolls, I squee and think what sweeties.  Haha...corny I know but true.

I get asked about customs but I am not offering them.  It's like when I'm making them, they are born and somehow for me it just comes together and I like that...a lot.  Pictures to come!  I have a big photoshoot planned for the girls.

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