Friday, December 14, 2012

Been busy making and shipping Waldorf Dolls

I did not expect the craziness of the season! Two of the girls were even up 30 minutes when they were adopted. I have lots of exciting things planned for 2013.

First off a website. I love etsy for selling, it is great and I will continue to list dolls there as well. However keeping track of clothing subscriptions will be easier through my own store.

I also decided to have label tags made for the dolls and clothing. I can't wait! I am thinking they will be added to the hip area or belly.

My stepmom is going to start knitting for the dollies. She is going to make blankets and sweaters! It's pretty chilly so I know the dollies will appreciate them.

I'm going to start offering a six month subscription which includes an outfit every month. You get to choose the outfit.

I'm also going to design some more clothing patterns. I have some great ideas of cute things for the girls.

In the store now are 8 dolls, one more to be added today, a redhead with freckles. There are many new dresses, panty sets and sleepers!

Squeeties Waldorf Dolls

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