Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crazy beginnings to a Waldorf Doll Shop

I opened officially in September but pulled my dolls down quickly after I realized I wanted to them all to use the new pattern I designed.  Really then my grand opening was end of October, my birthday weekend.  I knew and was prepared to take some time to get one of my Waldorf dolls adopted.  After a couple of weeks, suddenly interest on my little Waldorf dollies took off and I was unable to keep enough in the store.

More surprisingly my Waldorf doll clothes were selling off the shelves, literally.  Panties, sleepers, dresses, pants and shoes.  I never even considered people who didn't buy one of my dolls would buy the clothes for their own Waldorf dolls.  Needless to say, my grand opening was a success.  I'm sure much had to do with Christmas, I didn't plan my opening for Christmas, it just happened.  I'm excited for the lull I will have over the next weeks while I stock up my shop, design some custom dollies.  As well my new site should be launching soon.  Just tweaking it out some more, :).

Much gratitude for the dollies having found homes, clothing finding dollies and so much fun!

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