Sunday, November 25, 2012

Iris and Marie found homes!

Waldorf Dolls Iris and Marie have been adopted. The girls are so excited to meet their new owners.

Today I will start on some new dolls as I'm down to just four ready for adoptions and a custom doll. This week will be a sewing and stuffing frenzy of love! I want to have more dollies ready to ship for Christmas. I can't wait for the dolls to be opened on Christmas and to know the children who receive them will light up with joy and excitement for their new friends. When you buy a Squeeties, it's a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Not just in terms of hugs, joy and pretend play but also because every four months, the children get to come back to the site and pick out a new outfit for free. No shipping, no extra expense to Mom and Dad.

I'm always so happy to know how loved they will be but it is always sad to see them go because I do love every doll I make. There is something beautiful and warming of the heart in creating these little dolls from my own two hands. Sometimes while embroidering their sweet delicate faces, Jonah will be on my lap or near and he steals a kiss.

When I say love goes into them, truly it does. It's not just something I say but this feeling I have toward each doll.

Chelly, Charlie, Marlena and Azure are still available and ready to adopt today! As well as I have a custom, which I allow two weeks for in case I need to get something specific that I don't have in stock. Or I need to dye special yarn. However in most cases even a custom can be ready to ship in less than a week and you will have the doll before Christmas!

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