Friday, November 2, 2012

Why Choose A Waldorf Doll?

If you found my blog, my guess is you are interested in either buying a Waldorf doll and already know the benefits of them or are curious about them and what all the hubbub is.   Waldorf dolls are  great for imaginative play.  They have wonderfully simple features and a toddler like face so they appeal to children because they are very sweet and innocent looking with those delicate facial features and chubby cheeks.  Children are able to use them to express their emotions and in pretend play.  As well they are soft and children and even adults are compelled to hug them.  Those wide opened arms draw you in.  

The wool also warms to body temperature which increases the sensory benefits for a child.  The dolls are not hard or cool to the touch but feel comfortable against the body or in your arms.  They also have a distinctive smell that is quite sweet but delicate to the nose.  The wool inside the dolls is what gives them that lovely smell.  Then their hair which can be long or short or curly or straight has this wonderful soft texture due to the mohair.  I find myself when holding one of the dolls stroking her hair and of course I can't help but bury my nose in them.  I really love their smell.  

You do not have to worry about chemicals or plastics, nor the negative effects either of those have on the environment or your family.  Waldorf dolls are not only Eco-friendly but healthy for your child.  

The price tag is higher then a doll you would see in your local department store but these dolls are one of a kind, handmade and by purchasing one whether from my store or another's you support fair trade.  You also can make your own from a kit you can purchase online.  A simple search in google for Waldorf doll kit will return many links.  They are time consuming to make, which is also why you see a higher price tag but the years of joy your child will have with their new companion is all worth it.  Make one or buy one but I can bet you will never bother with a mass produced doll made of plastic again.  

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