Thursday, November 29, 2012

So much happening here is Squeetiesville

Over here in Waldorf Doll Squeetiesville, so much is happening!  I have ten dolls in the making.  I'm hoping to have them ready by early next week.  I spent last night sewing up their cloth skin, today I will make heads.  Tomorrow stuff bodies.  Saturday or Sunday will be spent putting heads on doll bodies and belly buttons and feet and sewing arms up.  Monday will be adding hair. And faces.  Tuesday clothes and Wednesday photos and adding to the store.  So now that I think of it, maybe not early next week but mid week.

I also bought a serger.  I played with it after sewing up and turning put the cloth doll skins last night.  I can speed up my doll clothes making by quite a bit.  The way I've been doing it is sew the straight line on women's or on knits a very narrow zig zag, then overlock the seam.  Yes I know I didnt need to on knits as they do not unravel but I just think it looks nicer.  Then after overlock stitching on woven cloth, I'd have to clean it up.  The serger with do three things in one simple step, straight stitch, serge or overlock the edge and snip off the loose threads.  I could potentially make a dress in 10-15 minutes instead of 20-30.  I can't wait to use the full potential of this baby!  

I also asked Santa for a new sewing machine, one with tons of awesome new stitches that yes I've been living without but I can see me using them.  The ability to adjust stitches even more.  My machine just has some stitches you can select but no further customizations to them.

We still have some instock dollies for sale btw and lots of shoes, clothes and even a coat and one sleeper left till I make more!

Waldorf Dolls

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